Video Interview: Healthy Living with Laura

Recently Resourceful Me Art Therapy was featured on Wightman TV’s “Healthy Living with Laura.” I am so excited to share the episode with you!

The show’s host Laura Van den Borre is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist and the owner of Align Pedorthics. I have the privilege of working with Laura at Shift Family Health Centre where we both have office space.

During this episode, Laura and I chat all about what art therapy is and how it works. We also try an art activity together to give you a glimpse into what happens during an art therapy session.

Here are the topics we cover in our interview:

  • What is art therapy?
  • Do you have to like art to do art therapy?
  • How is art therapy different from making art at home?
  • What is my specific approach to art therapy? What makes Resourceful Me Art Therapy different?
  • What might a parent notice in their child that could be a sign that they are feeling overwhelmed and may need some support? 
  • What kinds of challenges are a good fit for art therapy? 
  • If a family is interested in art therapy, what does the process look like? 
  • What typically happens during an art therapy session?

Here’s what we explore through the art therapy demonstrations:

  • How an art task would differ depending on a child’s age (using the example of anxiety in a five year old versus a twelve year old) 
  • How to make a marble painting (Laura actually makes one!)
    • Different ways that marble painting could be used with clients

I hope you’ll check it out! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. For more episodes of “Healthy Living with Laura,” click here

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